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Benefits of Rotating Shoes: 4 Reasons Why You Need More Than One Pair of Postal Shoes

Do you have a habit of wearing the same shoes everyday as part of your postal uniform? If yes, maybe it’s time for a change.

While it is common for people to have one or two changes of their postal worker uniform clothing, they do not apply the same thought when it comes to their shoes. But rotating your shoes has some surprising benefits, including a number of health benefits. And if you are a postal worker who is constantly on your feet, whether standing, walking or running, you should consider having more than one pair in your gear. Here are some reasons why:

1. Allow your shoes to dry

The most crucial reason why you should rotate your postal shoes is to allow them to dry and rest. The moisture that your feet produce when inside the shoes can not only damage your footwear but also cause discomfort along with other issues like bacterial growth, blisters on your feet and even athlete’s foot. Drying the shoes helps prevents these issues and keeps your feet protected.

2. Extend the lifetime of your shoes

When you give your shoes at least a day to rest, it significantly increases their longevity. One of the most common causes of work shoes getting damaged is prolonged or repeated wearing. When the soles of the shoes get dragged on the ground every day, they undergo considerable wear and tear, depending on your weight, walking style and so on. When you allow them to rest, it helps the foam cells in the midsole to decompress and get back to its original state, and that can help extend the life of the cushioning.

3. Adapt according to the needs of the day

The needs of your feet change every day, especially depending on low long your work or what you do. After a particularly tiring day, your feet are in need of shoes that provide them the cushioning they need to reduce the stress of the previous day. That is why you need to slip into a fresh pair that can provide the support your feet and legs need to alleviate any pain or fatigue that you might feel.

4. Break the shoes in slower

The break in period required to comfortably wear a pair of shoes may have been reduced, especially with use of advanced materials, but it hasn’t completely disappeared. But you can greatly reduce the stress on your feet from breaking in your new postal boots or shoes by alternating between the new pair and an older pair. Instead of wearing the stiff new shoes every day, you can make sure that the transition is gradual by switching them out for the comfortable feel of your old shoes.

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