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Benefits Of Waterproof Shoes For Letter Carriers

The United States’ postal service sector has undergone a sea of change over the last few centuries. What began with mail carriers on horseback has now transformed into a nationwide postal service company, with uniformed personnel in postal clerks’ shirts in the post offices and ubiquitous white trucks to deliver mail. Now, it harnesses the potential of technology to make sure that you get your goods and letters on time! But letter carriers still have a lot of work cut out for them.

Letter carriers have to be on their feet for around 8 hours every day, regardless of the weather. Given their job duties, a reliable pair of waterproof shoes with cushioned support can be extremely helpful.

The right pair of waterproof shoes not only keeps injuries at bay, but it also ensures that you can pull through your shift without straining your leg muscles. More importantly, it keeps your feet dry and warm during the winter months.

With a limited annual uniform allowance, you will probably want to invest in waterproof and weather-resistant footwear such as the long-lasting and reliable Reebok Gore-Tex Waterproof Boot 114911 or the Thorogood Code 3 Women's Postal Shoes 534-6555. However, if you are still on the fence about whether you should get waterproof shoes for yourself, then read on to know about the benefits they bring to your work life:

1. As a letter carrier, your work demands that you walk a lot! In such a scenario, you really don’t want wet and cold feet to stop you from getting work done. Without waterproof shoes that are specially designed keeping your needs in mind, you run the risk of suffering from trench foot and infections. Waterproof footwear is so much more convenient and comfortable and you can get well-fitting ones as well as USPS clerks’ shirts at United States Uniform Company.

2. If you work in a region that’s hit by hurricanes or snowstorms on a regular basis, then you may have to deal with floodwater. And trust us, you don’t want your feet to come into contact with it! If you do, you may end up exposing yourself to harmful contaminants that are known to cause serious health issues. A simple way to keep your feet dry is to invest in high-quality footwear that’s approved by the USPS.

3. Walking on a slippery surface? You don’t have to worry if you have waterproof shoes on! With so many packages to deliver, you may not have the time to check the surface you’re walking on every now and then. But your waterproof shoes will have your back. These often have secure rubber grips with anti-slip properties and extra traction to keep you safe from injuries.

4. Ask any letter carrier and they will groan when you mention ‘blisters’! They are painful, annoying, and really slow you down. However, did you know that moisture and water are usually responsible for this? Wet feet are more at risk of abrasions during movement. Pair them with the wrong shoes and what you end up with is a throbbing blister. On the other hand, waterproof shoes have special linings to eliminate moisture and prevent water from seeping in and soaking your feet. That is why they are extremely handy when it comes to keeping blisters at bay!

Looking for letter carriers’ shoes and USPS clerks’ uniforms? We have a wide selection that has the USPS’ stamp of approval! Browse through our collection today.

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