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Outwear Options For USPS Employees To Consider

When we talk about postal uniform allowance, outerwear is something that new USPS employees need to think about carefully. In most cases, new employees are wary of spending their limited allowance dollars on big ticket outwear items. But the truth is, if you are working in a cold climate, you will have to get at least one good-quality outerwear postal uniform. In this blog, we will tell you about common outerwear options for letter carriers and MVS people. What are those four options? Let’s find out.

Medium Weight Fleece Jacket

This jacket is one of the lightest AWG outwear options. It is pretty similar to jackets made by North Face or Patagonia. We will advise you not to go for this outerwear option if you work in an area with very cold temperatures. But if you work in an area of the country where temperatures stay about 30 degrees or so, then you should definitely consider going for this jacket as it will provide you with sufficient protection and warmth.

Heavy Weight Jacket

You can compare this jacket with a duck coat, one difference being that it contains a fleece collar. If you have enough uniform allowance to spend and you are without USPS postal uniform outerwear, we will strongly advise you to get this jacket option. We recommend this outwear because it is considered one of the most versatile jacket options among all the postal uniform jackets. You can rely on it for proper protection from fall through the winter months. And the great thing about this jacket is, it zips into the AWG Parka, which needless to say, keeps you properly warm.

Insulated Parka

This jacket will surely keep you warm as it is considered the heaviest weight option among all the outerwear items. However, it is still not the best outerwear option. The best one will be discussed in the last point. The Insulated parka is known for keeping USPS employees fully protected in cold climates, but it does not act as a liner. If you really like the look and feel of this jacket and you have enough allowance budget to get this jacket, then by all means go for it.

Water resistant Breathable Parka Shell

If you want the best, you should go for this outwear as it is made from the best quality material. As a matter of fact, it is considered the gold standard in USPS outerwear. You can use this jacket year round; however, it is a costly piece of outwear item. It is costly because it is designed in such a manner that it effectively blocks wind and water. And what’s even more amazing is that both the Medium Weight Fleece and the Heavy Weight Jacket zip into this shell to create a comfortable and warm experience.

So, there you have it. These are the outerwear options you can consider. At United States Uniforms Company, you can buy postal window clerk uniforms, city carrier uniforms, mail handler uniforms, maintenance mechanic uniforms, and many other USPS uniforms. Since we are an authorized vendor and have the license to sell postal uniforms, you need not worry about the quality of uniforms we sell.

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