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Rocky TMC Men's Plain Toe Chukka 107131

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Price: $141.99
Manufacturer: Rocky Shoes & Boots
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107131 Rocky TMC Series 5005
Technology Meets Comfort
Postal certified plain toe hiker offers an aggressive, deep-cleated oustole that has solid traction in all conditions. Rocky Brands foot support system footbed is extra thick and provides extensive cushioning.
  • Outsole skin is marbled to grab more traction on slick surfaces
  • TPU/PU footbed is lightweight, flexible and durable
  • Nonmetal shanks
  •  Black full grain water resistant leather
  • TMC 30 Day Comfort Guarantee
Sizes: M & W 7-12,13,14  XW 7-12,13 

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Very Good Shoes
Martin (Albuquerque) 7/10/2020 8:22 PM
I walk an average 0f 12 miles a day they last for about six to seven months solid
ok for the price
Kevin C Salvatore (OR) 3/9/2020 5:36 PM
by time they break in the soles are worn out. Walking 14-16 miles a day you can get a few months out of each pair, but this could be said for any shoe I have ever worn carrying mail. Once they are broke in though they are comfortable. I have heard of people putting mole skin on the inner heal to make them last longer haven't tried but it may be worth doing since they will wear out quickly. I have considered looking into the cost of resole since they are comfortable once broken in.
Rocky vs Thorogood softstreet chukka
vic (ca) 11/18/2019 10:05 PM
I was curious between these two chukka shoes. They are both similar in design and price (Thorogood being afew dollars more). Both shoes are true to size. So if you know your brannock size then go with that. The fit is the same but the Rocky is roomier in the width area (toe box). The shape is more round so it's more friendly for wide feet. The Thorogood is more narrower in width. Now for the quality. I would say the Thorogood is a bit more polish. But not by much. They are almost the same, but the price difference is worth it for $2-3 dollars more. It's a much better shoes but again, not really much. You won't go wrong with either. It all comes down to fit and if you have wide feet. Walking with these two shoes needs to get used too. I don't know, maybe bec, the sole and the insert are so thick it feels weird when walking. The Rocky feels flat when walking and the thorogood feels like rolling (like the bottom of the boat). I haven't walk in the thorogood since I just got it, but the rocky took awhile to get used to. If you ask me, I would pick Thorogood. Before I would have suggested Rocky bec. it was cheaper before. Like $10 or less cheaper. But now, they are almost close in price. The shoe lace on Rocky keeps coming off. It's bec. it's coated with something. The Thorogood is more secure. I hope these helps in your decision. I can't find anywhere that compares both. Safety depends on me lol
top pick
Eddie Jimenez (Florida) 10/9/2019 7:57 PM
I have tried so many different type of postal shoes, the plain toe chukka is the best. its light weight, water resistant and durable. i have been wearing them for 15 years out of my 23. in New york snow, rain, hot summer pavement. 12 miles a day. cant beat the chukka gave these a 4 star because I prefer the speed lace when available.
wide cracks
Chris Marquez (San Marcos, TX) 4/23/2019 7:19 PM
Soles side walls cracks wide.
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