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There’s More To Postal Uniforms Than Meets The Eye

Next to sailors and marines, perhaps the most enthusiastic devotees of their uniforms are postal workers. The Postal Services’ reputation for honesty and integrity helps assure respect for its uniformed personnel on the street and in stations. Uniformed personnel would attest, “Uniform implies that you can be trusted, and so you are treated better.” There would seem to be wide agreement that the check provided by a uniformed postal worker will probably not bounce. The navy stripe of the letter carrier’s trousers, shorts, and culottes are like that of the military, and it symbolizes in many ways a similar status.

For example, a letter carrier done with their daily route may not, in uniform, stop to do errands on way home. USPS provides each employee with an annual uniform allowance, and it is precise in its insistence that official uniforms must be used only at work. This includes shoes and socks. And because so many employees must be outdoors in all kinds of weather, there are rubber overshoes and rubber boots offered as well as twenty different styles of all-weather black shoes and three types of raincoats. Everything worn above the waist bears the postal logo.

There are official caps for all purposes and climates: sun helmets are useful in the rain, and for hot temperatures, there’s a mesh model – that’s when you wear your shorts. There are visor caps for the old-fashioned, but the favorite cap now is the baseball cap, available in two models, one for hot weather, with a mesh back, and one for winter, with a solid back. For really frigid conditions, there’s a fur cap with ear flaps and a knitted watch cap with a knitted face mask. 

Window Clerks have their own uniform program. For men, a cardigan or a sweater vest; for women, a dark blue jumper and skirt. For official shirts, there is a postal blue shirt in long or short sleeves. Everything has been so well thought out that even the socks are special. You can wear either postal white, blue, or black but the white socks have two handsome dark-blue stripes at the top.

If you are looking where to buy postal uniforms, head over to United States Uniform Company’s catalog for a whole host of uniform options. For urgent bookings, call 1-800-524-3676 
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