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Carrier Men's Flex To Fit Slacks 114170

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Price: From $65.99 to $70.99
Flex To Fit Waist Postal Slacks
Manufacturer: Rubin Manufacturing
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Carrier Flex To Fit  Slacks 114170
US Uniforms' designed this unique waistband that flexes with you.
  • Relaxed fit 5 oz postal uniform slacks
  • Relaxed fit adds more room in the thigh and seat
  • Flex to Fit waist instantly adds 2 inches of extra room in the waist
  • Permanent Crease
  • Moisture Control fabric
  • Leg braid removed for MVS postal drivers
Sizes: 28-52, even sizes only after 38
Slacks hemmed to 27" inseam or 39" out seam and less are not returnable.

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could be better
Glenn Slye (Milwaukie, OR) 2/22/2020 12:24 PM
Back pockets to small, wallet keeps getting pushed out by seat unless buttoned. Front pockets get twisted with keys and whatnot. They need to be attached to pants somehow to prevent twisting. Like the flex but would not buy again till improvements made. My 2 cents.
Lessened Quality
JOE (El Cajon, CA) 4/5/2019 11:54 PM
These were great when they first hit the catalog but have seriously lessened in quality. The expandable waist pieces break frequently and the clasp above the zipper is not bery secure. To top it off the hem on my last 2 pairs has already come undone after just 60 days. I will try another uniform company next allowence.
You'll need to get them tapered.
David Bullock (Conway, SC) 3/19/2019 9:15 PM
These things would make MC Hammer blush with all the extra room in the thigh, knee and leg. Expect to visit a local tailor to taper these things down to something that doesn't make the USPS look like an embarrassment. Also, the inseam runs long. I'm not sure if I shrunk 4 inches or if they're using a different unit of measurement, but I've never seen a 30 inch inseam this long in my life. Otherwise, they seem fine.
I've had these pants for the last year...
Stephen (South Elgin, IL) 4/13/2018 7:42 PM
...and they have held up fine, especially considering they get worn a lot and go through heck. I like that they are lightweight. I'd rather have a lightweight option for the summer and just wear long underwear/thermal wear in the winter underneath them. No complaints!
Keith Mroczkowski (Somerville, NJ) 10/24/2017 8:51 PM
This is all we have they don`t bother me . Loose some weight and stop complaining . If your cold wear some insulated underware or get another job . Oh yeah the P.O. can care less about your venting on a uniform site LOL.
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