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City Carrier Assistants
Type 1 Uniforms Allotments as of 5/21/2019    $464 Spend up to $580 for the 20% Spending Bonus
Allotments as of 5/21/2018    $452 Spend up to $565 for the 20% Bonus

Type 1 uniforms are worn by city letter carriers, clerk/special delivery messengers, clerks performing city letter carrier duties, motor vehicle operators, tractor–trailer operators, driving instructors and examiners, letterbox mechanics, ramp clerks and transfer clerks, AMF, area maintenance technician/specialists, and maintenance mechanics working as letterbox mechanics. Passenger elevator operators and elevator starters should refer to ELM s 933.112 Type 1b.
CCA Employees: You must complete a 90 day probationary period. Submit the signedCCAAuthorization Form or Contact your manager for the "Official Authorization Form" to purchase your uniforms.

ClickHERE for the form and how to submit your order to US Uniforms.
Payment must be received before the order ships.
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