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How will I know the status of my order?
You will receive an email updating the order status from Order Received to Order Completed. Credit cards are not processed on the web site. At your request, if an order is cancelled the status will update to Order Cancelled. Contact Customer Service at 1-800-524-3676 for the actual ship date and Priority Mail tracking number. We are available M-F 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm cst.
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Why did I receive a second order number?
Once the order is processed by customer service, a confirmation number is emailed to you confirming the order is in process for shipment and the credit card has been processed.
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How will I know my order has been processed?
Customer service will email you a new confirmation number from our main system. Customer service will make every effort to contact you if the order cannot process. We will call you and or send you an email to contact us at 800-524-3676 to process the order. You can reply directly to emails sent by US Uniforms regarding your order.
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How can I change my account information?
Change account information by clicking on the My Account underlined link to edit personal information.
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I forgot my password. How do I get it?
Click on the Forgot Password? link on left side of home page and complete the fields to have your password sent to your email address.

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How secure is my personal information on your website?
Personal information is encrypted during transmission into a data form that is impossible for anyone for whom it is not intended to be able to read. The purpose for this is to ensure privacy of your information for maximum security and confidentiality. In addition, be assured, US Uniforms never sells or gives away any customer information in the form of customer lists. Your privacy is protected with us. Please see our Privacy Policy link.

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Is my credit card information safe?
Absolutely! It is statistically safer to use your credit card over the Internet than in a restaurant. Our website servers use Secure Socket Layers (SSL), an encryption technology. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy link. Our website is PCI compliant which is the highest level of credit card security available.
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When will the charges be processed against my credit card?
Your credit card is not processed on our website. Once the order status is Order Completed, customer service will process the order in our order processing system and process the credit card. Your card will be charged at time of shipment. Sales tax is applicable when not using the postal credit card in accordance with your state and local tax laws. It will be calculated and added to your personal credit card amount for items that exceed your postal allotment debit card amount.

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Will I be charged sales tax?
Sales tax is applicable on all purchases using a personal credit card. USPS Uniform purchases on the postal debit card are tax free.
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How can I view orders that I have placed?
Click the My Account underlined link to page and click View Order History underlined link.If you have questions about a specific order, you may email us at usucustomerservice@usuniforms.comor contact us by phone at 800-524-3676. Customer Service is staffed 7-6:00 Central Time, Monday through Friday, or you may leave a voice mail message any time in which we could follow up and reply. We expect your order to be processed quickly and to arrive within 7-10 business days. If you do not receive your order within this reasonable time, please don't hesitate to contact us
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How do I cancel or change an order?
We want you to enjoy your products as soon as possible and make every effort to ship your order the same day as it is received.You may contact Customer Service at 1-800-524-3676, our operation hours are 7-6:00 Central Time, Monday through Friday and Saturday 8am-1pm, or email us at If your order has not yet processed through the warehouse, we will be happy to make changes. Once it has shipped, refer to our Returns Policy if you wish to return for credit or exchange.All authorized returns should be insured and returned back to our Missouri facility at US Uniforms, PO Box 12333, North Kansas City, MO 64116-0333.
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How can I place an order for an EXPIRING ALLOTMENT on weekends or holidays?
We will do everything possible to expedite your order when you follow these simple procedures.Call US Uniforms Customer Service at 800-524-3676 and dial extension 1 to leave a you may leave a detailed message. You must make the call before 4:00 pm CST in order for us to secure your expiring funds. Speak slowly and clearly while recording this information: Your full name, your job type, your postal debit card number and expiration date, the total dollar amount of your order, a telephone number where you can be reached. You do not need to submit any other order details at this time.The next business day, call US Uniforms Customer Service at 800-524-3676 and indicate that you left an expiring allotment message on the recorder. At that time, they will obtain your ordering details and complete your order with the secured funds.
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Do I lose my current allotment money if it isn’t used before my next anniversary date?
Allotment monies cannot be rolled over from year to year. They must be spent within the year for which they are designated. It is wise to spend any old allotment money at least 2-3 weeks before your new allotment becomes available to avoid processing problems with your debit card bank transaction. If for some unforeseen reason, you did not spend all your allotment money before your new allotment became available, you should discuss with your Post Office Human Resource Manager how to proceed.
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Can I place an order for my next year's allotment money now?
FUTURE allotment orders can be placed online.up to 90 days in advance of the new allotment date. At "Check-Out" enter your future allotment date and in the "Last Minute Instructions" enter "Future Order". When your new allotment money becomes available upon your allotment date, the order will be immediately processed without your having to call back.

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Why are male items found in the female uniform programs and some female products listed in the male uniform programs?
Postal regulations stipulate women may order men's garments to meet their sizing requirements when women's sizing is not suitable. Therefore, male items are listed along with female items in the female uniform programs. Likewise, men can order female non-logo items such as shoes, belts and overshoes so these female items are included in the male uniform programs for easier item selection.

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Can anyone purchase items from US Uniforms?
US Uniforms can only sell postal-logo uniforms to the US Postal Employees. However, ANYONE may purchase non-logo items such as our high quality boots, shoes, socks and belts.
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Are there any restrictions on what a Postal Employee can buy with allotment card money?
USPS ELM (Employee and Labor Relations Manual) regulations state that Postal Employees who are required to wear a uniform must select the uniform category as prescribed for their appropriate gender and duties and are not allowed to order for others. All crafts can purchase shoes on their allotment. Overshoes are not allowed on allotment orders for Maintenance, Window Clerk, Mail Handler, Vehicle Maintenance and Bulk Mail. Refer to the quick link on the Home Page to the ELM document for more info.

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How do I know what size garment to order?
US Uniforms adheres to standard retail sizing specifications. Our website and our catalog both have our sizing information and guidelines for how to measure based on the garment type you are ordering. If you are uncertain how to measure, simply call our toll-free # 1-800-524-3676 and Customer Service will be happy to help or put you in contact with your US sales representative for personal assistance.
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What alteration services do you provide?
Slacks are hemmed at no charge to your specified inseam or out seam measurement. Slacks hemmed shorter than 27.5 inches make the garment nonreturnable.

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When are orders shipped?
Every effort is made to ship the order within 3-5 business days of order receipt for in-stock items that don't require hemming alterations. Alterations typically add 3-5 days to the order processing time. All orders are then shipped Priority Mail and you should receive within 7-10 business days. Some items are shipped directly from our vendor to you and would come in a separate shipment. The packing list would indicate when this has occurred on an item. Credit Cards are not processed on our website. Order received Friday after 1pm and over the weekend are received in on Monday.
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When will my backordered item(s) ship?
US Uniforms has a huge warehouse full of items in stock at all times. However, if an item is temporarily out of stock it will ship separately from the "in-stock" items on your order as soon as product becomes available.
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Can my order be shipped to my work address?
Orders may be shipped to your home address, work address, or any other temporary address you specify at order placement time by completing the shipping address information.
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I'm missing pieces of my order. What should I do?
If there is a shortage of items in your order, contact US Uniforms Customer Service toll free # 1-800-524-3676 immediately for assistance. We are ready M-F 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm cst.
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What if my package arrives and is damaged?
US Uniforms is not responsible for items received damage while in transit from the USPS. If a package has been damaged during transportation, please contact your USPS carrier or US Uniforms Customer Service toll-free # 1-800-524-3676 immediately for assistance. We are ready M-F 7am-6pm and Saturday 8am-1pm cst.

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What is your return policy?
US Uniforms will accept returns or exchanges on uniform items that have not been worn or washed within 1 year of receipt. Uniforms or items that have been discontinued or "Close-Out" items are not returnable. Please try on uniforms before washing to make sure the fit is right. If you receive the wrong item or the wrong size immediately contact US Uniforms at 800-524-3676 and the correct item will be sent. Individual shoe companies offer different guarantees on their shoes. Read the product information for sole guarantees. Refer to our Return Policy for more information.
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How can I request a catalog?
You can request a catalog by clicking on the Contact Us top link and sending us an email at You may also contact US Customer Service at our toll-free # 1-800-524-3676.

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