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Maintenance, Mailhandler & BMEU Type 3 Uniforms

Type 3 Postal Uniforms Allotments 5/21/20
Maintenance $97 Spend Up To $121.25
Mail Handler $95 Spend Up To $118.75
Mail Handler $188 Spend Up To $235
Vehicle Maintenance $238 Up To $297.50
Vehicle Maintenance $187 Spend Up To $233.75
Custodial Maintenance $188 Spend Up To $235
2019 Allowances
$90 Spend Up To $112.50; $94 Spend Up To $117.50; $179 Spend Up To $223.75; $226 Spend Up To $282.50

BMEU uniforms will not have the BMEU craft tab.
Type 3 uniforms are worn by vehicle maintenance, custodial maintenance, mail handler, BMEU, and clerical employees eligible under ELM s 932.12 and 932.13.
USPS Uniform Manual (ELM): Only employees in the USPS Work Clothes program can purchase the hooded sweatshirt.
Before Placing Your Order: Contact Citibank at 1-800-287-5003 to activate your card, verify your balance and allotment date.
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Work Clothes Coveralls 106181
Price: From $61.99 to $64.99
Work Clothes Coveralls 106181
free shipping tax free
Maintenance Insulated Vest 106264
Work Clothes Vest 106264
Price: $59.99
Work Clothes Vest 106264
Insulated Vest
free shipping tax free
New Balance Men's black postal shoes 106331
New Balance Men's Walking Shoes 106331
Price: $113.99
New Balance Men's Walking Shoes 106331
New Balance Men's Walking Shoe 106331
free shipping tax free
US Uniforms, an online store, offers USPS mail handler uniforms and maintenance uniforms. USPS work clothes uniforms includes shirts, sweaters, slacks, outerwear, shoes, socks, and accessories.
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